Connecticut River Residence

Connecticut River Residence is anchored at the water's edge.  The original midcentury-style home was built in 1972 by architect Robert Caigen, constructed as a sequence of volumes that create diverging moments of intimacy within an ethereal landscape.  The residence is accessed by a winding road that diverges.  The private path leads residents to the mudroom, a highly functional and ordered space, tucked away from view.  The public path leads guests to a foyer, an intimate space composed of deep and rich materials, that opens up to a panoramic view through the rear patio.  Low ceilings provide moments of compression and release, guiding you through the space and dictating views through the home and to the scenery beyond.  In the centrally located social gathering area, expansive vaulted ceilings are grounded by a hearth that serves as a partition between the living and the dining rooms.  Moments of intimacy are created through the implementation of furniture, seating nooks and two flanking millwork volumes that serve as portals to the private sections of the home.  In keeping with midcentury ideology, each indoor space is accompanied by an outdoor counterpart, reinforcing the concept of indoor/outdoor living.  Through the use of classic materials and intentional layouts, each space is crafted to be clean, comfortable, and camouflaged.


Old Saybrook, CT




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