Twin Bridges

The proposed addition sits confidently behind the existing Victorian structure (Circa 1860) as a modern farm pavilion, drawing influences from the local Dutch and Shaker vernacular, and referencing the confident forms of early Victorian homes in America. The new building is set against the restored Victorian, painted white as in Edward Hopper's ‘House At Eastham’. Acting as a lantern in the landscape, the addition is composed of painted wood clapboard, paneling, and glass, celebrating the concept of a building as an object set against and within the landscape - a building as a straightforward monumental form.  A central hearth organizes the space, and serves as a monolithic entry wall, kitchen cabinets, dining shelving, and a fireplace for a small sitting area. The experience of dining in the landscape has been carefully considered, as breakfast occurs in the Kitchen with the sunrise to the East, and dinner occurs in the Dining Room with the sunset to the West.


Twin Bridges, NY




  • Building Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Design